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Professional ship model building is an amazing mixture of passion, knowledge, patience and love for the sea. This art is as old as sea travel and has been passed down over the centuries!
I'm Lucian Ploias and I was born in a beautiful place called Transylvania and I love to build model ships!
I was bitten by the shipmodeling bug since I was 10 years old and since then, I learned to love each detail of its challenging aspects ! In the beginning it was just a hobby, but gradually became a vocation. My first commission was in 1990 a French paddle wheeler for the Scheepvaart Museum in Amsterdam. Since then I completed many models for maritime museums, private collectors, yacht owners and so on. Just click the gallery button on the main menu to see details of my work.
My shop is located at the
Vancouver Maritime Museum in British Columbia. Situated in the Claridge Gallery, the model shop can be accessed by all museum visitors. Here you will see new or old models in various stages of completion, or restoration, miniature tools and a successful mixture of traditional techniques and modern technology: CAD for designing new models, a computerised database for ship plans, an extensive specialised library and many other reference sources.
All my models are scratch built. I manufacture all parts, fittings and the artwork within the model shop area, using a succesuful blend of traditional techniques and modern materials. My goal is to preserve this art as it was long ago: Grace and Precision in Miniature!

 Model Ship Yard Nr.2   Bowen Island
Model Ship Yard Nr. 1 Vancouver Maritime Museum
 Model Ship Yard Nr.2   Bowen Island
Touching up final rigging details - Brigantine "Leon"
Lucian at work
Lucian Ploias and his assistant Valy Carol
Touching up final rigging details - Brigantine "Leon"

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